When You’re Good To Mama – Queen Latifah -Chicago Soundtrack.

Just always be good to your Mama – that’s all.

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK and show-tune Sunday in the Berney-Edwards household.Daddy Simon has given me the day off.It’s been a busy week so wasn’t planning on doing much anyway. Have had a lazy morning – nap in the afternoon and now Daddy Simon is prepping dinner while Alexandra,Calder and I all watch ‘In The Night Garden’. I’m not sure that there’s any educational benefit that can be taken from it but if it calms them down a bit before bedtime then it’s good for me – though Iggle Piggle’s reluctance to settle down every night needs addressing.

Had a day tackling the back garden last Sunday. That time of year where the grass needs it’s first cut of the season and there were some brambles creeping out of the bushes that needed chopping back before the children got in amongst them. As always I got a bit carried away and ended up giving the whole hedge a ‘short back and sides’.Pushkin not entirely impressed as this was one of his garden hideaways – would rather take his chances with the thorns in the brambles than 20 little fur grabbing fingers and thumbs.

Once the heavy machinery is put away Daddy Simon releases our little wild animals out into the garden with me and goes off for his shower. It’s only when I see the giant crack in the bathroom window I realise that perhaps we need to revisit our thoughts on windows coverings at the back of the house. I need to remember to discuss this with Daddy Simon. Or perhaps he’ll read it here first.

The early part of the week sees us out at a family farm with a friend on Monday, a soft play date on Tuesday morning followed by a spot of housework in preparation for an overnight guest on Tuesday,my fabulous ‘ straight stunt wife’ from my days in the glamorous world of film extra work. Alexandra and Calder get to stay up a bit later and are fortunately in good form for our lovely guest. We give Twins Club a miss on Wednesday – two tired little widgets are starting to flag a bit and I’ve got a shed to build and would rather do so while we’re still enjoying a bit of good weather. Daddy Simon takes over Daddy Day Care duties and lets me get on with it. It’s not the first one I’ve put together so it’s a fairly straightforward task. All done by gin o’clock bar the felt covering on the roof but my interest levels have dropped and so decide to finish off the next day. Not surprisingly I’ve a ‘bit of a bad back’ the following day so I don’t get around to finishing it off until Friday. It’s now all done and the Keter storage unit under the kitchen window is now home to numerous outdoor toys that the children have ignored in favour of four plastic sticks….All garden paraphernalia has been rehomed in new shed at bottom of garden well out of reach of the fun loving criminals. Now that it’s up I can see that the shed has a kind of ‘Titanic’ tilt to it that’s going to make it so much easier to put anything on wheels away but I am beginning to wish that I’d reinforced the back wall a bit more.

The clocks went forward an hour here today so we lost an hour of sleep. The fact that this is intended to herald in the arrival of spring does not make up for the fact that I lost an hour of sleep. We had intended going to bed earlier than usual last night but got stuck in a ‘ let’s watch this while we finish off this glass’ and ‘ this is funny – do you fancy a top up?’ cycle that went on until eleven/twelve/one depending on which clock you looked at so I’m glad that we agreed on a lazy day about the house with the little ones.

They went down easier than I was expecting given that it was still light outside – hoping that it will be light again when they decide to get up.

Daddy Simon is just about to serve up dinner and open a bottle of red so I’ll sign off for now.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous,fantastic Mums out there!

Me and my lovely Mum – many years ago. She passed away almost twenty four years ago – but still think of her every single day❤️

Early morning selfies with our little Princess.

Calder loses interest as it becomes clear that Alexandra is in a photo-bombing kind of mood…

4 thoughts on “When You’re Good To Mama – Queen Latifah -Chicago Soundtrack.

  1. ❤️ Your Mum always was and always will be so proud of you. She’s watching over you and your beautiful children every day xxx


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