Joy – Will Young

Oh what a difference three years can make. Breakfast on the morning of 2nd April 2016 was served on the balcony of our hotel room looking out towards Tower Bridge where we would tie the knot a few hours later. Breakfast time this morning was mostly spent trying to convince a truculent little toddler that the Malties in the bowl came out of the same box as those he had consumed dry three minutes previously and that if he wanted Maltie flavour milk at the end he would have to leave the sodding Malties in the bowl. Fortunately the Weetabix Wonder kept her own counsel and only piped up when finished and felt that she deserved a banana as a reward for her silence.

Breakfast has been slightly later than usual the last couple of mornings I don’t really want to jinx it but it would appear that our little munchkins have not yet put their body clocks forward and so Daddy Simon and I have enjoyed a slightly longer than usual lie in. Had I known that this was going to be the case I wouldn’t have planned to leave the house as early as I had and when I quickly glance at one of the clocks it’s 0745 and everyone is still in their PJ’s. I pull out a couple of outfits for the kids and delegate dressing duties to Daddy Simon. ( I do sometimes let him pick out their outfits but it does generally have to be a day that we’re not going out and not expecting guests. There was a rabbit patterned outfit fiasco a few months back that three out of four of us are still recovering from.)I get myself dressed and prepare a bag for the morning ahead. I’ve got time for a bit of toast and another coffee. We’re meeting a friend for a bit of shopping so I can afford to indulge myself knowing the I’ll have a bit of cover for the kids and I might actually get a wee in peace if required later in the morning.

I can also afford to fund this shopping trip due to a £140 lottery win in the middle of last week. This means that I have been able to get Daddy Simon an anniversary present,was able to treat myself to a pair of new trainers and still have enough to treat the kiddies to a couple of bits and pieces from somewhere that doesn’t also sell milk.

I got Daddy Simon’s present sorted – good old Amazon – and whilst I was there had a look at a pair of trainer to replace to one’s that are starting to wear out. I liked the old ones so much I had a grey pair and a blue pair but decide to go a bit wild this time and try a different style. A sort of hybrid of trainer and casual shoe. Let’s face it – I’m not buying them to run in! I might have also picked up another couple of bits and bobs to put in my online shopping basket just to make my trip worthwhile and all that and then push on over to the checkout. Ooo-er. That’s a bit more than I thought it would be. I blame Postman Pat’s overinflated salary and hope that my lottery winnings are a bit more substantial next week and press ‘Pay Now’.

Daddy Simon appears to have forgotten that our Anniversary is imminent. I watched him rip into a card that had arrived in the post last week that I had put aside to be opened on the day – but I say nothing ( for a change).He later admits that it had slipped his mind and enquires as to whether we’ll be giving presents a miss this year. Senor Smug here admits that he’s already sorted a little something out which sends him into a bit of a tailspin which is quite entertaining when one is two gins down and counting. He’s asked for a couple of suggestions as to what I might like and we move on.

It’s only the following day when I’m going through my emails that I realise that my new trainers are going to arrive before his present. In fact it’s unlikely that it will be here much before the 3rd.I dial down the pomposity and confess and we all have a right good laugh while I work out a way to sneak a fresh pair of sneakers into the house.

A big box arrives on Monday afternoon. I know that it’s not for Daddy Simon and wonder if I’d ordered a pair of clown shoes in error. Nope it’s just a normal sized pair in a box twice as big as it needs to be. I confess to my own indulgence and explain that the ones were pretty worn and only fit for the garden .He’s good- he didn’t mention the other 4 pairs that are lined up at the door, so we both admire the new pair and I carefully find a space for them on the shoe rack at the door.

I decided to wear them today. I do really like them. They’re a good fit – really comfy and fit just like … well an old shoe really. Oh hang on.Now I know why I like them so much. I’ve already got a pair in an identical colour scheme and a very similar style – pretty much a boot version of what I’ve just bought. I have a wee think about sending them back careful not to stand on any of the mud as I put the kids in the car but not sufficiently careful that I don’t scuff them on a protruding slab. Guess that’s the decision made then.

I’m hoping that my luck will turn when we get into town to get the kids stuff. I’ve got a rough idea what I need to get and a fair amount of resolve about sticking to it but my lovely friend makes me park at the Debenhams end of the shopping Mall.Before I know it I’m at the checkout with two frocks, a pair of tartan leggings and a multicoloured check shirt that were on sale so it must be fate AND a bargain – but knowing that there is also flap all that is going to go with any of it and I’m going to have to rethink my list and just shoplift in Primani.

We pop into Clark’s on our way past – I’m still smarting from my duplicate Dockers drama so I only linger briefly at the sale rail in the men’s department. Calder is the same size as he was a few weeks back. Alexandra has popped up half a size but due to her higher instep will need to go a further half size ” for her to be comfortable.” But it won’t be here and it won’t be today.

We do get a relaxing coffee and cake while we’re out. I get to visit the men’s room rather than a baby change facility and return to the table to find Calder telling the waitress that “Daddy wee-wee” and so we pack up and get out before Alexandra starts harping on about her shoes being too small for her.

A quick zip round Tesco turns out to be not that quick because when we get back to the car I’m surprised to see that it’s 1220 already – we’ll be home just in time for lunch at 1300. I was completely unaware that Gloria had the ability to change her own clock without our prompting so it’s actually 1320 and therefore a very speedy drive home. I consider the McDonalds drive through – but given my track record on spending already this week I turn into our road and convince Alexandra and Calder how tasty last nights leftovers will be this (very late) lunchtime.

So to wrap it up…

“Joy” was the track that Simon and I chose to walk down the aisle to together three years ago.( it was only the chorus that we had played – it wasn’t a particularly long aisle.)

“Joy” is what I continue to feel every time I look at our wee family and the fantastic man that made it all possible.❤️

Here’s to many,many,many more.

“Pointless,Love – he never reads an instruction manual!”

On top of the world! Well …on top of Tower Bridge anyway.

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