A Change Would Do You Good – Sheryl Crow.

It’s now Saturday and the last few days have been just that little bit more frenetic than usual.Needless to say ‘Dry January’ is as wet as the Titanic and Kitchen White Board looks like we’re planning to disprove the theory of relativity.

Let’s take a few steps back.

Since the children came along the appeal of living in London Town has lessened somewhat. We’re not far from the South Circular a notorious air pollution hotspot. There have been a couple of stabbings that have taken place a bit closer to home than I’m comfortable with.Our evening and weekend to jaunts up to theatre and music events have lessened some what in the last nineteen months so we’re paying a premium for living in a town that we have not been able to make the most of. It was another of our ongoing conversations that simmered away on the back burner. Common sense dictated that a move should ideally be before the children started formal education but couldn’t be too far out as Daddy Simon would still have to commute into Charing Cross every day. So gently does it. Daddy Simon starts to look at jobs that would enable us to start taking the next steps while Daddy Graeme frequents the ‘Rightmove’ website looking at properties that are so far out of budget that Daddy Simon would have to become the CEO of a large multinational and still have to thoroughly familiarise himself with ‘Insider Trading For Dummies’ to be able to afford. However, as we Berney-Edwards have come to expect,fate intervened.

On our return from the family holiday in October there was a minor disagreement with next door neighbours which left a very sour taste in our mouths and a rumoured restructure in Daddy Simon’s workplace. We decided to take action. “Let’s just get the place valued.” we casually decided.

Five days and a big bucket of white paint later we were on the market. Five days after that we sold to a chain free, cash buyer for a fair price.We were elated – did a happy dance around the kitchen and blew several not very mature raspberries at the eyesore of a fence.(If he can make an assumption, I can have an opinion!)

You can probably see the massive,great hole in the plan already can’t you? We hadn’t really thought that things would happen quite so quickly and therefore hadn’t been bothering our backsides to look for somewhere to move to.

We had another summit meeting and decided that as things were still looking a bit shaky for Daddy Simon the best thing for us to do would be to rent somewhere short term until we saw how the job situation was going to pan out. Renting would give us a good deal more flexibility in relocating if required and we could postpone buying again until we saw what damage Brexit might inflict on the housing market.

That was at the end of November. We let things move along with the sale at a leisurely pace. We enjoyed Christmas and New Year while casually looking at locations,rail links, and properties. There were a couple of other off the wall considerations, mainly sponsored by Gordon’s Gin that were discussed over the kitchen table of a Friday night but harsh reality kicked in on a Saturday morning usually before the paracetamol did and I was back on Rightmove by lunchtime.

So the email that came through on Tuesday evening advising that buyers were ready to exchange contracts on Friday and could probably complete on the following Wednesday shouldn’t really have sent us into the tailspin that it did.Should it?

Now I’ll finish off here as have already appraised you of how the rest of Tuesday evening panned out. Wednesday was an incredibly productive day of planning and we were all ready to spring into action first thing on Thursday morning.

Speaking of springing into action – those you you that are reading this on Sunday morning need to get your shizzle on and go and get your copy of The Sunday Mirror who approached us for an interview.

Come on now don’t put it off – you’re not a Berney-Edwards….

“Why is the food machine empty?”

“No. We said we like tuna on a Wednesday. This is Saturday – we don’t like tuna on Saturdays.”

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