You Keep Me Hanging On – The Supremes

The Kim Wilde cover was far more my era – but who doesn’t love a bit of Diana Ross? (aside from the two Supremes that she abandoned in her quest for divadom…)

Continuing from Tuesday evening…

Daddy Simon and I have been knocked sideways at bit – we knew this was coming but it’s all picked up speed quicker than we thought and dates proposed are very tight even if I wipe everything off Kitchen Whiteboard. Alexandra and Calder take full advantage of our distraction and seem to go a bit feral. There are numerous toys strewn across the kitchen floor but war has broken out over a calculator that I have given to Calder. He seems quite happy with it – I’m sure that he’s too young to be tapping 5318008 and turning it upside down but he’s giggling at something and it’s really getting to his sister. Alexandra is adamant that she’s having it.I distract her by giving her the remote control for the radio and she’s quiet for a bit – then so is Sara Cox – then Sara Cox gets really loud and so does Alexandra. Daddy Simon and I agree to reconvene once we’ve put them to bed in approx 56 minutes and 37 seconds and attempt to reset the situation by row,row,rowing the boat until sleepy bye-byes time. They’re both shattered and so go down quite easily and by the time Daddy Simon gets back downstairs I’ve poured us a couple of G&T’s and we sit down to decide our road ahead. The road is long and requires another G&T. I think our ‘Dry January’ might have a bit of rising damp. We think that we’ve bought ourselves another week and all sorts of things can be achieved in this massive timescale so webopen a bottle of wine to have with dinner.

Ah yes – dinner – original spinach and chick pea curry has defrosted sufficiently and so I throw it,along with the tinned tomatoes, tinned green lentils and the (probably not really a baby anymore) spinach from the fridge – into a big pan with a few more shakes of curry powder -about 28 or so – and heat through.

Top up wine glasses – and serve dinner. It’s actually not half bad – I should definitely make that again just wish I’d remembered what the original ingredients and quantities were.

Clear plates away and load dishwasher. We’re desperately trying to work through the backlog of programs we’ve recorded but really only have the attention span for light drama/comedy these days.It’s getting late so we split what’s left in the wine bottle between our glasses and select an episode of ” Two Doors Down”.

Sadly our glasses are empty before we get one door down.With a steely determination we agree not to open another bottle – there can only be about ten minutes of the program left so we have a wee sherry each.

“Two Doors Down” is finished and we’ve still got a bit of sherry left so we channel hop for a bit and enjoy the sherry. ( The sherry was bought as a vital ingredient for a Spanish Toad in the hole recipe but it’s palatable enough for a little tipple at the end of an evening.) ” Aircrash Investigations – Chaos In The Cockpit” piques our curiosity and we end up sitting watching it in its entirety.

‘Dry January’ is definitely over. It’s looking unlikely that Daddy Simon will ever get on a plane again and there’s probably not enough sherry left in the bottle to get a badly pronounced ‘Ole’ out of the toad.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The Man from Del Monte.

Cuddle time!

2 thoughts on “You Keep Me Hanging On – The Supremes

  1. You both done well lasting this long. Could try dry February. It’s a shorter month! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜˜
    Love the photos. 😘😘😘


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