No More Tears.(Enough is Enough) -Donna Summer.

I’m done with this bug now – it’s lingered for over a week and it’s time for some positive action – whether the rest of the household like it or not.

Back to the old tried and tested routine – breakfast at the table, all dressed before nine and no more sodding CBeebies.

I’ve got my ‘Sue Sylvester’ track pants on ( character in Glee,not a brand of sportswear) so everyone knows that I mean business.

Daddy Simon is working from home this morning so he can be contained in the spare room and Alexandra and Calder can help sort through the mahoosive pile of toys that have accumulated in the kitchen over the past few weeks. It’s all written up on the kitchen white board which means that it HAS to be done.

I’ll usually write up my plan for the week on the kitchen whiteboard. Sometimes I can be a bit over ambitious about what I feel I’ll achieve and it becomes a bit of a nagging,eyesore as the week goes on but for a teeny period of time on a Monday morning I feel enormously optimistic about my productivity in the week ahead. This is one of those days – I’ve even put ironing and tax return on it this week…

Toy sorting went incredibly well – distracted the munchkins with a couple of cardboard boxes,as,let’s face it they were never going to be a huge amount of assistance. Most of the toys and books have now been evenly split into 4 boxes which I can rotate on a weekly basis. This means that I only have to read about Freddie the Fire Engine’s banal adventures for a week once a month or so and the Friendly Helicopter’s batteries will hopefully have gone flat by the time he choppers back in on the 4th February.

By the time Alexandra had destroyed her box and came looking for Peppa and the Posse the job was done.

Family trip to the Boots Pharmacist this afternoon to see if she could recommend any further medications for the lingering ailments to no avail so back home for kiddies afternoon nap at usual time and Daddy’s sitting down cup of tea.The fresh air will probably have done them the world of good.

I’ve decided that we’re all well again and have therefore crossed it off the list on the Kitchen Whiteboard. It’s a ‘fait accompli’ as far as I’m concerned – now lets all move on.

“Teletubbies gone bye-bye little man!”

3 thoughts on “No More Tears.(Enough is Enough) -Donna Summer.

  1. Yeah! Daddy Graeme is, if not completely better is well on the road, so heaven help the rest of you!!!
    His mission is to sort you all out so don’t even think of trying to hide. Go Superhero Daddy Graeme! 😍🤩😍😘


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