We Are Family – Sister Sledge.

Things are a bit slow at Berney-Edwards Manor today – still all suffering from a cold bug and generally feeling yukky – so this is probably as good a time as any to do introductions. (I’m also avoiding the pile of post holiday ironing towering behind the door in the living room and the tax return that is loitering with intent in the spare room.)

Daddy Simon is Breadwinner Bear. He goes out to work and does project-managery and directory type things that require lots of e-mails, meetings, spreadsheets and power point presentations. Every now and again he goes away on a conference and does all these different things in another country. Daddy Simon loves to have plans and lists and loves being organised and in control. Daddy Simon loves showtunes and musical theatre and is a very talented singer and dancer.

Daddy Graeme is Stay-at-Home Bear. He manages the household and looks after the children. Daddy Graeme likes things in a certain order and so has himself and the children in a routine that seems to work well for all concerned. Contrary to popular opinion, Daddy Graeme does NOT like doing housework – Daddy Graeme just does not like mess -he is a neat freak and probably has OCD. Daddy Graeme is a bit of a petrol head and dreams that one day a sporty little classic car will join the family.

Daddy Simon is a wee bit messy – probably more than a wee bit if I’m honest -this does not sit particularly well with a neat freak. However Daddy Graeme’s habit of leaving some things until the last minute and then ‘winging it and hoping for the best’ can sometimes ramp up Daddy Simon’s blood pressure. So I think it’s a pretty even playing field.

Alexandra Berney-Edwards joined the family at 1602 on the 25th June 2017.She had been head down and ready to go for quite some time. Despite a number of false alarms she remained fast until her thirty seven week date. It took Alexandra approximately fifteen minutes to assert herself as head of the household – she has remained so since. Little Princess Bear rules the roost with a steely glare that would stop a herd of stampeding elephants in it’s tracks. She very much knows her own mind and has no problem voicing her displeasure for the benefit of anyone who is careless enough to be within earshot. She will make people work hard for a smile but it is worth it. Daddies can usually be found wrapped around her little finger- one on each hand!

Calder decided to follow on at 1609.He was a breech baby and initially popped a foot out before changing his mind and scurrying back in. He was unceremoniously grabbed by the ankles and yanked out. The fact that Calder chose to join world bum first should have been a clue as to what a cheeky little chap he would become. He seems to accept that Alexandra is the boss and will happily take advantage of the times when she deploys full on attention seeking mode to take himself off exploring. Calder invariably earns himself a bruise or two on these exploits but is no nearer to learning his lesson.Cheeky Bear is the court jester to Alexandra’s Princess and loves entertaining his Daddies with his daft ways.

I should at this point mention the fifth member of the family – Pushkin the Cat. Although he preceded the children, Pushkin is actually the unplanned child. He was a neighbourhood stray that decided he quite liked the attention, peace and quiet that he got at No 48 the summer before the children arrived. As the bad weather approached and no-one else stepped up, Daddy Simon and Daddy Graeme assumed responsibility for the old moggy. He seemed to appreciate this gesture – as far as cats can appreciate anything – unfortunately he had no idea of what lay ahead and would probably have settled elsewhere if he had. He now seems to have worked out the routine and will keep out or just out of the way until Alexandra and Calder are safely tucked up in bed.

Its probably time to stop blogging for the day and get back to parenting…

“We’re Daddies!”

13 thoughts on “We Are Family – Sister Sledge.

  1. Thoroughly loved the first part to what is undoubtedly going to be a humorous, true, love fuelled insight into your beautiful family. Love you 😍 xx


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