Fame – Irene Cara.

Daddy Simon is on a work from home day today. I can honestly say that when he does a work from home day he is incredibly disciplined and probably does more hours in a day than he would if he’s in the office and that’s usually over and above the call of duty anyway. He has always been this way in the time that I have known him so I know that he’s not just avoiding the battlefield that the ground floor of the house becomes during the hours of 0700 and 1930ish.

The day can usually start slightly later and can be a little more relaxed – breakfast can take a teensy bit longer than usual, I can often get a second cup of hot coffee and the conversation is even occasionally a little more in-depth than ” she’s just spat her Cheerios over your suit jacket.”

This morning’s blisteringly hot topic was the number of different type of tea spoons we have. I know, who needs hear about votes of no confidence and Jaguar Land Rover jobs going to Slovakia when you can fret about the Berney-Edwards mismatched cutlery drawer.I have no idea how it happened but had to agree how unusual it is given how anally retentive I am about things matching. I promised to add to my list of things to look into as Daddy Simon sets off on his morning commute up the stairs.

The Kiddiewinks and I get on with some simple chores. Emptying the dishwasher (and running away with contents) Unloading aforementioned contents from washing machine and replacing with dirty laundry. That’s the easy bit – tricky bit is keeping door closed with one knee whilst holding Child One away from the dials and switches and discouraging Child Two from beggaring about with the drawer while I’m trying to pour fabric conditioner into it and not splash the – oh where did that damn cat come from?

We always try to get a bit of educational play in at this time in the day. I have another crack at the shape sorter but since both have worked out how to get the top off three out of the four shape sorters that we have, neither can see the point in dithering about looking for the square hole – get the lid off and jam in circle,triangle and some soggy bit of toast that they’ll probably want to come back for in about ten minutes.

At nap time I get on with a bit of ironing.Not much – but the pile has gone down significantly and probably won’t take out one of the children if it topples over now.

Then the call comes in. We’ve been published. Daddy Simon had been approached by a journalist a few months back. She had heard of our story and wanted to do an interview. It’s taken a while to come to fruition but there we are on the front cover of this week’s ” That’s Life” magazine.

Daddy Simon delays his lunch break and joins us on our afternoon outing- around every newsagent within walking distance. Some only had one copy, some had 4, but by about 1430 they all have none. We won’t need to worry about being recognised in the neighbourhood- we’ve snapped up every copy there was to be had.

Back home we have a read over the article. It’s actually come out better than we had expected. Time scales are a bit askew in places and it is made to sound very sweet – but it fits the magazine style and we did get some really nice pictures done for it.Alexandra and Calder were able to recognise Daddies in the picture but magazine was swiftly removed as Alexandra began practicing her origami skills with it.

The story has also been covered by a journalist for the Sunday Mirror and we’ve been told that it will appear in next weekend’s copy – but will be sure to keep you all posted.Once we see what they have to say – I’ll clarify a few points 😈

It’s now bedtime and despite the excitement of the day I’m still pondering the teaspoon issue.It’s bit far fetched but here’s a theory.Do the odd socks that vanish from the washing machine and tumble dryer come back to haunt the household as teaspoons?

No.Probably not.But any time you get a tea or a coffee in this house now you’re going to wonder if I stirred it with a dirty sock! “I’d just like to clear this matter up here and now – my part took a good bit longer than 2 minutes.Thank you”

4 thoughts on “Fame – Irene Cara.

  1. You know Graeme, it is quickly becoming into a habit for me to sit down and read your family news over a cup of coffee for a we bit me downtime. Love it. ps Sorry to boast 😁 but at least one of us is getting a ‘hot’ coffee regularly, that little treat will come back around for you. Honest. 💕


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