Happy New Year – ABBA.

Well it’s an obvious one but it’s a good one. Released back in 1980, lead singer Agnetha    (on this track), poignantly ponders –

“It’s the end of a decade
In another ten years time
Who can say what we’ll find
What lies waiting down the line
In the end of eighty-nine”

So. Crumbs! Where did that thirty nine years go then, eh Agnetha???

2020 will be a bit of a significant year for me for a number of reasons but we’ll cover that as we go along.

I did have plans to make a list of resolutions along the lines of this whole ‘New Year – new me’ crap but to be honest as a parent of toddlers, I go to bed  every night resolving to be a better person the next day. Sometimes I am. Sometimes I’m not. Roll with the punches folks.

I left off just before we dived headfirst into the Christmas festivities.

Alexandra and Calder awoke at pretty much their usual time of sevenish and were probably more excited about the fact that we were all at Nana and Grampy’s than they were about the Christmas stockings that were hanging up at the end of each of their cots. (This will probably be the longest lie that we’ll get on Christmas Day for many, many years now.) Each had their individual approach to unpacking their stockings – Calder favoured the ” Lets just get it all out on the bed at once so I can put the stocking on my head” whilst Alexandra was more of a “I want each bit of tat unwrapped for closer inspection so I can then chuck it over my shoulder disdainfully and get to the sweeties.” kind of girl.

Daddy Simon went off to make sure that Father Christmas had actually been whilst I remained in bed managing the little one’s expectations by rattling off quite an extensive list of reasons why the ‘Big Man’ might have failed to show this year. Neither seemed particularly phased at the catalogue of crimes committed in the past twelve months and Calder continued his quest to end the Smarties’ incarceration by chewing the cardboard end of the tube whilst Alexandra demonstrated how easily she could get into the chocolate coins. This did of course mean that my first words to my lovely Mother-in-law on Christmas morning were – “Merry Christmas Mummy Edwards – Errr ….the stains on the bedding are from the kids chocolate … honestly!!!”

Now of course Father Christmas had been – there were a huge pile of presents under the tree which Alexandra and Calder made a beeline for. However, no-one had had breakfast and so they were told to leave things be for the time being and Christmas miracle of Christmas miracles they actually DID!!!

By the time we did get around to some present opening they were too busy tearing around on a favourite trike and badgering the dogs and so had to be corralled into the pre-arranged space for present opening.

Needless to say they got far too much – but each gift brought as much excitement as the next and by the time we were done and the wrapping cleared away the ‘Go-Jetters’ were getting on famously with a couple of Teletubbies and Thomas and (a couple of) his friends. They would of course all come to blows later over whose turn it was on the ‘keyboard with microphone and stool’ combo – but what’s Christmas without a bit of a rumble.

We all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas lunch and managed to tone down excitement levels to a point where Alexandra and Calder seemed happy to take their usual nap much to the relief of both Daddies – who had been counting down the minutes to nap time since about twenty five past seven that morning.

Once back in their cots both proceeded to have a ‘let’s jump up and down and squeal’ competition whilst Daddy Simon and I lay on the bed and took it in turns to softly admonish our mischievous little imps in words that I’d rather not commit to type. Calder surrendered to sleep first and then I think that Daddy Simon and I must have become accustomed to the not-so soothing sounds of the demented, life sized jack-in-the-box in the corner and drifted off.

Calder was then the first to stir after a reasonable amount of time – Alexandra showing the same reticence about waking up as she did about going to sleep. The saying goes that Karma’s a bitch – but it wasn’t Karma that was a cranky little cow for the rest of Christmas Day.

We spent the rest of the day opening more presents,chocolates and bottles of alcohol than any of us needed – but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.

The upside to Madam Mim’s refusal to tow the line on Christmas Day was the fact she was so tired that we all got a long lie in on Boxing Day – in fact I was the first one to stir ( almost practically unheard of) at five past eight! I managed to sneak to the bathroom without waking anyone else in the room but as I was creeping back to bed, optimistically looking forward to snuggling back down for a bit longer – I heard a cheerful little ” Hallo Daddy Graeme!” from Calder’s cot that made my heart simultaneously sink and sing.

Oh well – it was good while it lasted!!!

When I married the best husband in the world ( best – not faultless!) I also married into the best family in the world. ( Ditto) I feel incredibly honoured that they have all taken me into their hearts and made me feel one of their own from very early on in our relationship.

Boxing Day is ( immediate ) family get together day.(Extended family are equally fantastic!) Immediate family currently consists of nine adults,eight kids and four dogs all under one roof. Of course it’s not a quiet day – but who doesn’t love the sound of laughter. Mummy Edwards put on a buffet lunch that would have fed the cast of extras on ‘Ben Hur’ and … actually scratch that. I’ve worked as an ‘extra’ and the majority of them feed like locusts so let’s not use that comparison. There was plenty of food to go around more than once or twice ( three times depending on the family member) and then even more in the evening. Our glasses were kept sufficiently topped up throughout the day and so I was more than ready to escort the kids to their cot for their afternoon nap – or not – I don’t care I’m having one – at half past three Proseccos and a large glass of that Rose that we didn’t finish last night.

Boxing Day presents were swapped amongst the kids but the best part was watching them all playing happily together.

It was with heavy hearts, full stomachs and a couple of protesting toddlers that we set off home – after lunch obvs- the following day.

Pushkin was collected from his holiday home – sounds better than cattery – and Tesco delivered sufficient supplies to see us through the no-man’s land period of time between Christmas and New Year.

What did we do in that time?

Bog all!!!

Had a bit of much needed down time. Continued our quest to consume more empty calories than the day before. Drew up a rota of whose turn it was to change the batteries in a seemingly endless number of toys that were thrust into our laps.Saying that we had a couple of walks out makes us sound good – up to you if you believe that or not.Leisurely Lunch out with friends is probably an easier one to believe.

The ‘keyboard with microphone and stool’ combo has probably seen more tantrums in its short time with us than any of Elton’s have.

The ‘ Casdon 485 Electronic Backseat Driver’ x 2 was a mistake x 2 and is just another reason for me to take the car to a high crime area and leave it unlocked.

Daddy Simon and I have been randomly stabbed in soft tissue areas with bits of plastic masquerading as bits of a Doctor’s kit and the play screwdrivers in the toy toolkit have been used to jemmy open the fridge door.

We must have spent all our energies enjoying our third Christmas together as a family that we had none left for the New Year celebration as our household was in darkness and all its occupants far away in the land of nod when 2019 handed over to 2020.

So what does 2020 hold in store for us all?

Who can say – but I’d say its all about what we make of it lovely people – make it a good one!

Aw ra best!!!

“So they said that it was from Father Christmas but I distinctly remember Cranky Pants haggling a discount at Tesco because the box was bashed – I know this because I bashed it.”

” Is she not doing a starter this year then?”

The start of a great day!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year – ABBA.

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a fantastic If somewhat busy Christmas. Glad you all enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you in January. 👏✋👏😘😘😘


  2. It means such a lot to be able to read about your family time and you are so funny Graeme, observant and silly. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing.😘


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